Balanced work out snacks to give you a boost

When it comes to working out your body needs the proper fuel to keep it going. In the same way that a vehicle needs the right fuel for its engine to function, we cannot expect our bodies to be able to work at their best if they are lacking the appropriate nutrition and energy. If you are working out in a bid to lose weight the thought of having a pre and post works out snack can seem counter-intuitive, but in fact, it can be vital to keep your metabolism and well being ticking along in a positive and productive way. What you chose for said snack is important, and while it can be tempting to grab a processed energy bar there are a whole host of better homemade options out there that are better for you and your wallet.

Pre Work Out Tips

About an hour before your workout give your body a helping hand to boost energy levels and increase your stamina by having a snack that includes both carbs and protein. The carbohydrates will help give you energy fro the workout and if you go with a complex carb such as oatmeal or good quality whole grain bread you will also feel fuller for longer and will keep any mid-workout cravings at bay. Combining the carbs with a lean protein will assist with your bodies ability to repair the muscles you are about to use.

Keeping hydrated is even more important, your body is about to lose a lot of fluid through sweating so topping it up before you begin can help prevent muscle cramp and light headed-ness.

Post Work Out Tips

Not every exercise regime calls for a post workout snack. A good indicator of whether or not if you should full up is how you feel. If you are feeling light-headed or very tired a snack with a combination of protein and good fats will help your muscles repair and replenish themselves not to mention give you a bit of an energy boost. However, if you have left your class or gym session feeling pretty good and the thought of tackling a flight or two of stairs doesn’t fill you with dread you will probably be fine to wait till your next meal. Topping up your hydration after a workout remains just as important.

Easy Snacks

To stop yourself reaching for that flashily wrapped energy bars, consider some of these go-to workout snacks.

  • Apple slices with almond butter. Make a sandwich by using the apple as the bread
  • Tuna on whole wheat bread, have an open faced sandwich and instead of mayonnaise, add a spot of olive oil and lemon juice to the fish,
  • Turmeric smoothies. This yellow/orange cousin of ginger has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, blend up a chunk of it with a frozen banana and a dash of water fro a great recovery smoothie.

Always play it safe when it comes to your body and neutron, consult with a doctor before making large lifestyle choices.

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