The essentials to look for in a sports bra

A good quality sports bra is an essential part of your workout gear and should not be an afterthought to your fitness plans. Take the time to find the best bra for you and don’t be afraid to get expert help.

The Fit

The power of a well fitting bra can never be underestimated. Squeezing the girls into something too small will only make you feel uncomfortable, self conscious and can even cause bruising and chafing on your rib cage and shoulders. None of which is likely to make you feel excited about hitting the gym. For bigger boobs look for an encapsulation bra that has separate cups rather than a compression bra which just keeps everything close to your chest. Sports bras have traditionally shied away from using underwire because of their reputation for being uncomfortable but a well fitted bra will not cause you discomfort and can provide amazing amounts of support.

When trying on a new spots bra in the changing room be sure to jump up and down, run on the spot or even strike a yoga pose so you can see how it holds up. If you find your self having to corral your ladies back into the bra after a bit of downward dog it is probably not the best bra for you.

Band or straps

When choosing a sports bra it is important to know that the majority of the support comes not from the shoulder strap but from the chest band. If you feel you need to tighten up your straps to the max to get the support you need it’s a good indication that your bra is the wrong fit. The band should fit snugly around your body and be slightly tighter than your other bras. An adjustable band will make your bra stay effective for longer, especially if you plan on losing weight. When choosing a bra find one that fits well on the vey last fastener so you can tighten the bra over time, either as it inevitably begins to stretch out a little or as you lose that weight.

Lifespan and care

Don’t expect to have your sports bra last longer than year. Yes, bras are expensive but they also go through a lot and over time the support they offer can degrade and become not fit for purpose. If you exercise multiple times a week consider buying a couple of sports bras so you can rotate them for each workout, allowing them to dry out fully between uses, reusing a sweaty sports bra can do serious damage to the elastic. Be kind to your bra and it won’t let you, or the girls, down.

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